Monday, 30 January 2012


This is my general stand for the Carthage army, I've put it on a slightly bigger base so there is room to pack out the stand with some extra figures and make it stand out.

Figures are Magister Millitim. Mostly from the Carthage command pack, but with a couple of spare veteran infantry (white shields) as a kind of honour guard.

This weekend I was lucky enough to take part in a fantastic refight (organised by Jim Brown and Gareth Harding of Purbeck Brotherhood of Ancients) of Teutoberg Wald, when Varus' 3 legions were ambushed and destroyed by Germans. There were well over 100 german warband units alone (3000 figures!), plus archers, cavalry, skirmishers and all the Romans and their baggage train. It must have been close to 7000 figures all told* on a 12 foot long board. I'll have a full report with loads of fantastic pictures as soon as possible.

* - as one guy said, "between all of us we've painted nearly three and half thousand 10mm warband figures....we must be mad."

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  1. Thats a great command stand, well done that man :-)