Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some Pretty Pictures

I thought I'd put up some basic pictures of the finished Imperial Roman Army.

This is the Pendraken Imperial Western Roman army deal, along with a handful of other packs I got second hand from a friend. Comes out to about 1500pts at the moment.

2 Tribunes
1 Veteran Legion
5 Legion
4 Auxiliaries
2 Archers
2 Skirmishers
2 Cavalry
1 Scorpion
1 Onager

I've got 3 Scorpion models spare as well, so I may stick them onto 2 bases to have a second unit of them, and I have 2 more Legion units that are unpainted.

The two main reasons for not painting up the last 2 legion unit are that, although in his design notes Rick Preistley says that a unit is representative of a cohort (about 400 men), I quite like the idea of each unit being a century (80 men), I guess because there is slightly less abstraction involved. That being the case there are 6 centuries in a cohort, so I have currently painted a roman formation. So that I'd probably want to paint the next units in a slightly different way, different coloured tunics or shields for example, and at the moment I can't decide on colours!

The other reason is that I have hand painted the shield designs on. That's 6x3x10 = 180 shields give or take. And that takes it out of you, so a break from roman shields is called for!

I'm pretty happy with the way the shields came out though. All have the diagonal "eagle wings", the first century have 1 vertical line, 2nd - 2 lines, 3rd - 3 lines, 4th - 1 wavy (lightning) vertical line, 5th - 2 wavy lines and the 6th (pictured right), have two wavy lines and a single wavy horizontal line.

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