Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Woods and Rough Ground

I've put together a couple of quick woods for my terrain collection.
They are made from a base of 3mm MDF cut to shape and sanded, they are base coated in the same matt brown emulsion/Klear mix as used for the hills and also flocked using scatter grip glue and static grass. For the wooded areas I used an autumn mix of grass, instead of summer mix so that it is darker under the trees.

The trees themselves were bought from ebay. They are n-gauge railway trees and were 99p for 10, so a decent bargain. Once the base was flocked I drilled holes into the base with a pin vice and put a dab of glue onto the base of the 'trunk' and glued them to the base. Finally a bit of clump foliage from woodland scenics was glued to the base for a bit of variety.

I also made a slightly more spare heathland piece which infantry bases and skirmishers will be able to enter, this should make for a fun piece in the game (note the wood above is deliberately too dense to get a base in)

It's made in exactly the same way, just with more clump foliage for bushes and less trees.

I'm so pleased with these pieces that I think I'm going to invest in a few more packs of these trees. A bit like a £3 t-shirt with a 'made in Bangaladesh" label inside, you are probably best not thinking about how something that is almost certainly hand-made can possibly be so cheap...

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