Thursday, 1 April 2010

Appropriating Ideas

I came across a section of Old Glory's website for 10mm buildings today and although they are awfully expensive; £30 for 7 unpainted middle eastern building, £50 for a hill fort. It has given me an idea to draw "inspiration" from these pictures in making my own terrain.

I've replicated some of the pictures below to illustrate the great range of products from Old Glory - if anyone from that company feels this is an unacceptable breach of copyright please let me know.

The Buildings show are a middle eastern village (£30), an ancient hill fort (£44), which seems pretty similar to their roman marching camp (and has been presumably painting in cuprinol. And a farm set (£17). There are a variety of things along this theme and a couple of large castles as well (~£90). But for now this will do for a starting point.

I've been thinking of doing a roman marching camp for a long time, but I think I will use 1/2 toothpicks for the palisade. I just feel that the palisade would be made of either wood transported by the baggage train, or cut from the surrounding area. Either way I can't really see them sawing it into planks...

I'm thinking about buying some N-Gauge stone walls from Javis. They are not super cheap, but I think the time to make something similar would not really be worth it. and you can get 6 lengths of wall on e-bay for £4 or something.

Still on the theme of taking inspiration from elsewhere Phil B's Ancient's blog has a great article on making vines (as in wine growing) from pipecleaners and wire, so I'm going to have a go at that as soon as I can find some pipe cleaners. All in all a fair few projects beginning to stack up on my workbench and in my imagination!

It's a shame that I'm doing ancients and not medieval gaming, as otherwise I'd be spending all my money on this pretty modular castle from Kallistra...

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