Monday, 26 July 2010


I've been threatening pictures of my new Carthage army for months now, so finally here they are.

This was my test unit of Numidian cavalry, I've since got another 3 units on the go. I couldn't decide on shield designs, so at the moment they are painted to look like leather, or animal skin with stippling of different shades of brown.

See; they're tiny.

The Magister Militum figures are much more fun to paint, although they are not perfect they have a lot of nice detail and it is possible to actual paint by layering, whereas most of the Pendraken ones I've got really can only be base-coated and washed.

Finally my slingers. This unit was part of the Carthage starter pack I got, but to be honest they are not much good in the army when they also make the Numidian javlinmen which are a bit more charecterful (and of which I have a couple of units). I also realised after seeing other people's armies that basing skirmishers 5 to a stand looks better and makes your figures (and cash!) go further, so sadly I've fallen out of love with these guys a bit.

Hopefully I'll present my mixed barbarian types warbands soon..

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