Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pendraken Competition Results

Some really amazing winnners in the Pendraken 10mm painting comp. Anyone interested in grand scale models should check out the winners thread on their forum here.

My chariot entry was accepted into the comp even though it was a few minutes past the deadline (thanks!) but sadly didn't win a prize. There were 5 judges who gave 3/2/1 rankings for their favourite entries and in the vehicle category there were 11 different entries all polling at least 1 point! So a really spread field. The winner was some way out in front

 Camouflaged Sherman, by fred12df
And then the other entries were all really close apparently, with this one sneaking into 2nd place.
Sci-Fi Marines APC, by kassad
What they have now done is all entries that received at least 1 vote by the judges have been placed into a community vote and my chariot made it through! So it got at least a bit of love from the judges!
My Chariot
Shame I couldn't get the composite picture done in time, especially as it seemed so tight for 2nd place and the more detailed shots could have sneaked me over the line, but definitely need to make sure next time there is a competition I leave plenty of time for sorting out the pictures. If you are a member of the Pendraken forum you can vote for the "people's choice" on this thread. No pressure to support my entry. ;)

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