Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Since about June/July time I've been keeping an eye on ebay for 10mm Viking and Dark Ages figures with a view to putting an army together.

I've picked up some cracking deals, notably £30 worth of Magister Militum figures (3x Viking Bondi, 2x Viking Archers & saxon spearmen) for £8 including postage.

However I now have the following Viking leadpile:

That's what 400+ Vikings looks like, if you click to expand the picture the scale of the task is revealed.

I'm actually a bit short on core infantry to field a valid 2000pt army, but purely on points I've got around 1600pts of Vikings now.

Most of it is Magister Militum figures, but mixed from their different ranges. I think off the top of my head; several Viking Bondi, Viking Berserkers, Saxon H.Inf, Saxon archers, Viking Archers, Viking/Saxon Command & Norman H.Inf. I also got 20 strips of 5 "vikings with axes" made by Old Glory, which I managed to cut up a bit to separate them.

I haven't done all of the maths but I reckon I have something like £80 of figures and I believe it costs me somewhere in the region of £35, so although its taken a while to amass it's great value.

Now all I've got to do is clean them up, base them and paint them! So far 18 bases cleaned and stuck together out of probably 50 odd.

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