Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rubbish I buy from Ebay

Ok, answers on a postcard - what on earth am I going to do with these?!

I had just bought some Warmaster figures from ebay and the seller also had these as a 99p lot with no bids, a few seconds left, combined postage. I thought "Bears? Who doesn't like bears for 25p each?".

So now I have 4 gigantic bears.

I guess if I was playing battle of the five armies I might be able to squeeze them into a game. I think they are 15mm Magister Militum bears. That is a 10mm MM Lybian Spearman and one of Hannibal's Veterans cowering in fear for scale. Anyway if anyone has any ideas about how these could make an appearance in WMA I may actually clean them up and paint them, otherwise I suspect that is 99p I'm never getting a return on!


  1. Sure they are not wolves? They look more wolfish than bearish to me. But hey - stage some gladiatorial fights in 10mm and all will be good :-).

  2. Not a bad idea! If I make some 10mm Roman buildings then I can have a "sack the Roman town" scenario, in which there are loose bears from the gladiatorial arena that will attack each side. Could probably just use rules for Elephants and make them test on a modified blunder chart each turn for their movement.