Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pendraken Painting Competition

Pendraken are celebrating the fact they have passed 500 members of their on-line Forum with an inaugural painting competition.

Entry is free and you need to post a single picture (montages allowed) of your entry. It is then judged by a panel of experts. There are 4 categories:

Infantry - 3-10 models on a single base
Mounted - 3-6 models on a single base
Vehicle - single based, or unbased vehicle
Open - anything goes up to 60x60mm base

Prizes in each category are £25 and £10 credit for Pendraken online store. There is also an extra bonus prize, which is all unplaced entries go into a massive community vote for the people's favourite, with will win £20 credit for hobby materials (paint, flock, etc)

Entries open on 1st Feb and run until 28th.

I'm going to try and enter all the categories, I've got enough painted to do this already on a speculative basis, but I know I can do a lot better if I really pull out the stops. I'll probably enter one of my custom Gallic warband in the infantry, a converted British Chariot in the vehicle and I'm not decided on the many different mounted bases I've got for Pendraken cavalry! The open could be really interesting, 60x60mm is pretty big and I reckon with some small conversions, a bit of height on the base, some kind of cavalry charge diorama could be in order.

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